Academic and research oriented activities :
Biweekly meetings of all the doctors.

Rich library.

Academic atmosphere.

Number of refresher courses.

Active participation in conferences.

Detailed plan for the research activities in the coming three years in various clinical.

Rural Health Programs :  
Regularly run the rural health centers at very low cost.

Diagnostic and operation camps in the rural areas entirely on our own responsibility.

Subsidized medical aid for slums and low income groups of society.

Routine health care and checkup camps for various groups in lower strata of the society. Complete follow-up management of camp patients.


Social Outlook :  
Organization and teaching of paramedical staff.

Raising the standard of life of paramedical staff.

Diminution of chasm between highest and lowest income groups in the hospital staff.

Taking part in various cultural activities.

Housing society and credit society for employees.

Hospital as a Sanskar Kendra :  
Weekly prayer in Sanskrit and Marathi rhymes for all doctors, staff, patients and their relatives.

Library and Balwadi at rural centers.

Periodic meetings, gathering of staff, neighbors and others to enhance the concept of brotherhood.

Inculcating the sense of social responsibility in all the sectors of the society through our working system and professional approach.