Latur Earthquake  |  Gujarat Earthquake

Earthquake : 

Midnight past on Sept. 29, 93 an earthquake befell on the people of Latur and Osmanabad districts.


Immediate Action :  Vivekanand Medical Foundation with its associate organization's
 was able to take complete action.

Vivekanand foundation was the first to launch rescue operations.

Reaching Killari at 5:30 a.m. with doctors, nurses & medicines.

System geared upto work on war footing with associates.

Saved lives of 700 people caught under debris.

Recovered and cremated 3000 dead bodies.

Belongings rescued in good condition from the debris and handed over to the concerned persons.

Thousands of patients attended and hundreds operated, few still under care in the hospital.

Within first fifteen days of the mishap, 8000 patients attended, in the relief center.

Lunch and dinner arrangements for patients attended, in the relief center.


Lunch and dinner arrangements for the patients admitted in Latur, Ausa, Solapur, Umarga and Osmanabad hospitals and their relatives numbering 1500 for three weeks.

Tin shades for 5000 families who could not get such type of help from Government funds.

Distribution of grains, utensils, clothes, medicines etc. for 10,000 families.

Supply of sunflower, wheat, jowari seeds to 15,000 farmers.

Erection of four cattle shades.

Schools re-opened in 11 villages with the help of local school teachers.





Achievement : 

'Rebe Chincholi' is the first village completed and handed over to its villagers with total infrastructure of the roads, drinking water, electricity, school in record time.


Four primary health center are established and are in operation.Each health center  have primary health care services like medicine, minor operations, vaccinations....etc.


'Trauma Care Unit' Established and was inaugurated by President of India Mr. K. R. Narayan.