Latur Earthquake  |  Gujarat Earthquake

Earthquake :

   An Earthquake measuring 6.9 struck northwestern India on January 26,2001. Nearly large numbers of peoples were dead as a result of the tremor, with casualties, even more than the above. The Destruction was on such a level that almost all man-made structures, temples, mosques, hospitals, shops, houses were posted to become prey to devastation of the Earthquake. Areas under influence were Bhuj District, Kutch District, Ahmedabad, Patan, Banaskantha, and Mehasana District.


Immediate Action :  Vivekanand Medical Foundation with its associate organization's
 was able to take complete action.

  • Reaching Bhuj, Gujarat with doctors, nurses, medicines and Mobile Clinic.

  • Mobile Clinic is having a full fledged Operation Theatre, which is moving all round Gujarat in the affected areas and remote places and this is being fully equipped with diagnostic and operation equipments.

  • Available amenities of Mobile Clinic are:
    * Modern Operation Table
    * Shadow less Lights
    * Generator-Power source
    * Suction Units, oxygen
    * Anesthesia Machine
    * Diathermy Unit
    * Essential Drugs
    * Resuscitations Equipments
    * Portable X-ray Unit
    * ECG Unit
    * Portable Ultrasound Unit
    * Laboratory Unit
    *Requisite Surgical Instruments
    * Liner & Accessories
    * Human Resources.

  • Thousands of patients attended and operated.


  • Vivekanand Medical Research Society in action ....
Facilitating the foreign donors to channel the resources through Vivekanand Medical Research Society

  • Distribution of grains, utensils, clothes, medicines etc. for 10,000 families.


  • The School in Bhuj that collapsed was reopened in a tent.

  • Instant shelter and medical help was provided

  • Tin shades provided for 5000 families who could not get such type of help from Government funds.